Xtreme Winter Conference - December 2018
Branson, MO

White Hall Baptist Church has a very energetic and dedicated youth ministry available to all youth.  We fully support our youth and their activities because they symbolize the future of Christianity and our mission statement is to Reach, Teach, and Lead.  Reach out to lost or unchurched students, Teach our students God’s word, and equip them to Lead other to Christ.
We have two groups of teenagers, 7th & 8th grade and 9th thru 12th grades.  We have Sunday school and discipleship training classes for both ages.  Our youth group is a very active group.  We have signing and drama open for anyone that wants to join.  We practice on Wednesday’s at 6pm and Sunday’s at 4pm.  Also our youth have formed a praise group that sings every other month during worship service.  The youth of WHBC present programs twice a year. 
Our Wednesday night classes offer a variety of options that begins at 7pm.  We have Friends and Fun night on the 1st Wednesday of each month and the kids invite friends and we have snacks and have fun.  Our boys and girls separate on the 2nd Wednesday night of the month to give each other room to learn more about how to follow Jesus as young men and women. 
The young ladies, both groups, go to Acteens and our young men have a Dare class and these two classes teach how to have courage to live by God’s standards today.  Our older youth and younger youth separate on the 3rd Wednesday night and our 4th Wednesday night is small group time with a leader for each age and gender.  This class helps these young people to bond together and encourage each the in their daily walk with Christ.

White Hall youth is a mission minded group and every summer they participate in a week long summer mission.  We also have an ongoing mission throughout the year in Gallaway, TN.

We also have a once a month event for our youth that can range from movie night to visiting church members and visitors.  We also attend youth conferences, county sponsored events and other activates that promote God’s word.
WHBC youth will welcome all visitors to join us as we Reach, Teach and Lead in God’s plan.